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"On the courtyard of the Pomeranian dukes"

The exhibition was installed in the so called chambers of duke Georg I, thanks to a sponsoring of the district western Pomerania.

In the Szczecin castle some memorials of the time of the Pomeranian dukes are presented, like sarcophaguses, paintings of the Renaissance in the prison tower, the commemoration board of Barnim III and stony ornamentations.

As the old equipment of the castle was not maintained, the exhibits were taken over on loan from the National Museum Szczecin, the museum of Stolp, and the national archives in Szczecin. Some exhibits were acquired.

At the exhibition you can see the documentary movie „Die Welt im Kabinett" (The world of the cabinet) of 1939, dedicated to a masterpiece made in 1610 – 1617 ordered by duke Phillip II. The movie was made available by the Federal Republic of Germany.

"History of the manor house Szczecin, pompa funebris of the dukes of the lineage of the Greifen "

Sarcophaguses are a special source of information about the history of the dukedom Pomerania and its sovereigns.

The inscriptions on the coffin lids give an impression of the real life of the dukes. In gothic rooms you can see two exhibitions. The history of the dukedom Szczecin is presented on exhibition tables in Polish and in German, with the description of the Szczecin castle, added by archive and actual photos.

Beside the boards the famous Big Lubinish map of Pomerania is exhibited, which was constructed by the cartograph Eilahrdus Lubinus , ordered by duke Phillip II, in the years 1610 – 1618, as well as the family tree of the lineage of the Pomeranian dukes of the 50s of the 16th century and a copperplate engraving by Georg Braun and Hans Hogenberg dated around 1600 with the view of Szczecin of a bird´s eye view. The exhibition is enriched by discoveries which were found during excavations in and around the castle in 1947, 1948 and 1973 as well as a model of the castle of 1980, Pompa funebris, of the dukes of the Greifen lineage.

The exhibition was installed in the rooms of duke Georg I thanks to financial support by the district of Western Pomerania. Within the exhibition pompa funebris sarcophagus of the dukes can be seen which make you think about the sense of life and which underline the motives of death and transience.

On each of the six coffin lids there is a motive according to the Pomeranian sovereign. The exhibition of the sarcophaguses is accomplished by the movie „Pompa funebris – Funeral of a Greifen duke" and description of funeral ceremonies. One of the main emphasis of the exhibition are religious baroque sculptures.

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