Welcome to the forestry office Kliniska

„Nadleśnictwo Kliniska" with the nature forestry education center Kliniska

forstamt start1The nature and forestry education center Kliniska is about 30 km far from Szczecin center.
The education center is surrounded by pine wood of the Goleniowska heath, it is located in the forest district „Puszcze Szczecińskie" (Szczecin heath) and offers education in nature and forestry.

The offers are mainly directed to children and teenagers.
The visit of our education center allows gaining more information on nature.

Lessons are according to our motto „to get to know, to experience, to understand" to teach unconventionally knowledge on woods and forestry.

The offer also includes nature workshops, lectures, competitions, and open—air festivals.
The education center works all year round.


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