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tur konieIn Police (former Pölitz), as rarely in this region, you find many unusal touristic attractions.
Beside the forests, lakes and rivers there are also attractions which are characteristic for coastal towns: docks for sailing ships, ferries, and a big trading port.

In the forests of the Wkrzanska heath (former Ueckermünder heath) you find beautiful resorts with a great offer for lovers of nature and tourism.
Lovers of walking and cycling tourism as well as riding assess the value of the municipality Police which is also shown by the rising number of the riding farms.

The town Trzebież (former Ziegenort) was inhabited by Slavs of the tribe Welteba.
The division of Trzebież into Small (Klein)-Ziegenort und Big (Groß-) Ziegenort comes from the middle ages. It was swamp area which divided the town naturally into two parts. Big Ziegenort was located higher, became the economic center, here the church was situated.

Within the context of the initiative INTERREG IIIA the municipality Police was supported for the project "Ausbau des Erholungskomplexes in Trzebież", Nr. INT/MV-BB-PL/B/036/05 (Extension of the recreation complex in Trzebież ) In consequence of the investigation a walking avenue with lighting, parallel to the beach, was rebuilt, instead of the former promenade. This connects the recreation complex with the final bus stop. On an area of 36 000 sqm the recreation complex with a camping lot for 180 campers, a first-aid-point, a sanitary complex and changing cubicles, a playground and three multi-functional sports fields for team games were built. In combination with the extension of the complex the beach is reconstructed. The highlight of this investigation is a round place with viewpoint to the Szczcecin lagoon.

tur jachtyThe central sailing center organizes demonstrations of motor water sports equipment, search- and rescue services as well as competitions for water sports friends.
For many years, Trzebież (former Ziegenort) has been the headquarter of the sailing sports center of the sailing sport association Andrzej Benesz and at the same time the biggest marine sailing sports school of Poland. Here are the biggest ports of the lagoon: the fishery port, the trading port, the passenger port, and the sailing yacht port.
The main sailing sport center is the organizer of voyages on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. For many years, it has been taken part in the meeting Tall Ships Races on the yacht of Captain Glowacki. The center has a variety of water sports equipment of different sizes which are used for training for sea travels and stationary.
In two yacht pools 120 sailing yachts can position. In Trzebież there is the only port of the lagoon where customs and dispatch of goods take place.


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