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We have the following purposes and aims (extract from the statutes)
The purpose of the society is the maintenance and the further development of Ueckermünde Zoo
Ueckermünde Zoo is a publicly open zoological garden for education and information in zoology, nature conservation, and environmental protection as well as in local geography and history, which supports biological research, supports the protection and conservation of endangered species and habitats and works together with other institutions which have the same aims
1. In detail the association has the following aims:
• Distribution of knowledge on animals, plants, nature conservation, and environmental protection as well as local geography and history.
• The running and maintenance of the zoo school is a substantial prerequisition for communicating the knowledge, the care of children as well as the qualification of teachers and specialists for the love of home and nature.
• Ueckermünde Zoo has an effect beyond the region of Uecker-Randow and supports the cross-border international character especially with the administrative district Western Pomerania.
• The society cares for and supports regional traditions and cultural activities.
• The society supports scientific research and nature protection projects.
With these aims the society directly and exclusively saves the non-profit purposes in the sense of „tax-privileged purposes" according to German law. No person shall be privileged by expenses which are not the aim of the society or which are excessively high. The society does not strive for profits. Funds may only be used for the constitutional purpose.

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