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About one hour away from Berlin, close to Groß Schönebeck you find the Game Park Schorfheide which fits very well into the landscape. It is situated in the biggest coherent forest area of Germany – the biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin. Walking the seven kilometer long trail with resting and picnic places you can spend instructive and recreating hours in nature on foot, by coach or by bicycle.

karte-wildparkThe Schorfheide Game Park shows only native wild animals, e.g. wolf, Eurasian otter, Red deer, fallow deer, wild boars, mouflon and already extinct animals in the wild, like European bison, elk and Przewalski horse. Furthermore we breed rare endangered domestic animal species, e.g. English cow, Pommeranian sheep, Exmoor pony, and wooly pig.


We keep all animals in large outdoor enclosure which are naturally designed. You can watch the animals like in nature, but the animals can also retreat. The park consists of about 105 ha.

The Schorfheide Game Park is especially attractive for families with children. A big playground and a children´s zoo are waiting for you. The visitor´s house and the "village" with the place for the campfire offer places for rest and eating. We recommend comfortable shoes – who does not want to walk, we recommend a carriage. Wheelchair users can reach all animal enclosures via natural ways. Dogs may walk with you on a lead.

The Game Park is open daily from 9 am.

A special highlight is the wolf´s night at full moon when you can experience our wolves closely.
We are looking forward to seeing you ...



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