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There are interdisciplinary lectures. Direct contact with animals is possible.

1. Domestic animals
Difference between pets and livestock
Which pet suits me?
Pets here and in other countries
Difference between wolf and dog

2. The forest
Secrets of the forest
Animals and plants of the forest
Protection and importance of the forest
The forest during the four seasons

3. Animals and plants in autumn
How do animals prepare themselves for winter?
Magic leaves 
Animals in the zoo during autumn

4. Animals during wintertime
Tracks of animals
Winter dormancy and hibernation, explained by examples of zoo animals

5. Young animals
Guided tour through the zoo showing young animals
Mammals, birds

6. Animals in the Zoo
English lesion for the 3rd/4th class
Animals in the zoo using English vocabulary

7. Special programs
Christmas in the zoo (Life and history of regional poets)
Easter in the zoo with experiments about the egg

>>>We are open for any further programs and projects.<<<



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