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These topics can be booked as one lesson or as project (one or more days).
Contact: Katrin Kage or Udo Kleinschmidt (education team)
Phone: 0151 17 12 82 35

Interdisciplinary lessons are given in the education center. Contact to animals during the lessons is possible.

1. Adaptation of mammals to their environment
(tour around the zoo, special examples are given regarding adaptation, nutrition and locomotion)

2. Record hunting in the zoo
(tour around the zoo, finding zoo records, quiz)

3. The forest
Animals and plants in various levels of the forest
Network of the animals and plants
Protection and importance of the forest
Forest secrets

4. Pond tour
Animals in and at the pond and their adaptation
Examination of water samples of ponds in the zoo
Visit the keeper´s talk of the otters
Offer only possible between 9 and 11 am

5. Young animals
Visit newborn animals at the zoo

6. Working with natural-scientific methods
Using a variety of methods at certain stations (team work)
Assessment of the social competence
Only for classes 5 and 7 (gymnasium)

7. Welcome wolf
Behavior of the wolf pack in the zoo
Visit of the wolf enclosure
Re-establishment of the wolf

8. A Bug´s Life
Physique and camouflage

9. Fishes in the Lagoon aquarium
Local fishes
Nutrition and locomotion

10. Early vocational preparation
Job outline
Get to know work as an animal keeper

11. Special programs
Christmas in the zoo (Life and history of regional poets)
Easter in the zoo with experiments on the egg

We are open for any further programs and projects.

The above listed topics may be booked as project for one or several days.

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